Random Relics - (2005​-​2011)

by Dan Lynch

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In the dark of a lonely street, I will run to you. And you will know just what I mean, when I speak the truth. (Chorus) Speak the truth, lord I speak it. x2 Time never stays on your side for long, If you hesitate it will be gone. So don't you be the one left holding on for too long. (bridge) I've been waiting so long, waiting so long.
I can feel this void inside, Every time I close my eyes, Like a train, running through my head, It somehow sleeps but never ends. (Chorus) Take me home, cos I just don't wanna go, Won't you please take me home.
Sometimes I wish life was like a sit-com, Where everyone's happy all the time, I know it's not real it's just TV, But for the moment I'm happy to dream. Maybe I could crawl right through the screen, To where everybody knows my name, Stop for a while and have a beer, Watch all my troubles fade away. Sometimes I wish life was like a movie, Where the good guy always wins, Stops the bomb with one second to go, Saves the world and gets the girl. At least until the credits roll, The screen goes black and it's reality, Where nothing worked out the way you planned, You did your best but somehow the script just got lost in the mail.
When it's all said and done and the end of the day, What will do without all the things that you couldn't replace? Like a little human understanding, compassion and tenderness, I guess you thought you had it all, right before you fell from grace. Now all your friends have disappeared, No longer care for you now that you're not footing the bill, You try to tell yourself you would be different if you was you, But it deep down inside you know that it just aint the truth. (Chorus) So now you hear that train coming, The judgement bell is ringing for you, There's ain't no use in pretending, You can't stop that train when it's rolling on through.
I like you am quite thirsty too, so I think I fancy a brew, Put the kettle on, and join us in a song, There might even be biscuits too.
We both sit here alone, And we talk, And we talk. Share the events of the day, We share a joke, that no one else would get. Two thousand years of technology, All leading inextricably to this. Two people not saying anything, Who can't shut up. (Chorus) It's not a secret I can keep, Cos everybody knows, Just what's say here right next to me, A thing that scares us both. The elephant in this room... is that I love you. So now friends tell me I'm crazy, I should just let this whole thing pass. But it's just one thousand, two hundred and forty seven miles from here to Warsaw. At least on Google Maps.
There's trouble down in Egypt, people on the streets, Blood runs down the pavement in the name of the regime. You know they'll take a mile, if you give them just an inch, We're all in this together and there can be retreat. (Chorus) Fight On, Fight On, Fight On, Fight On, Until Freedom Is Won. All they talk about on telly is the rising price of oil, Holidays in tatters, and day to day football. Meanwhile back in Cairo the people face down tanks, Shot at by police man, who claim to be their friends. (Chorus)


This is a collection of old songs I recorded and posted to various websites from 2005 to 2011. I've collected them here in chronological order. It varies a lot in style and content so I don't know if it will sounds like a proper album but the whole this is free to download. There's no minimum price I just can't find a way to make it as free. Enjoy!


released February 1, 2011

All instruments and production by Dan Lynch.




Dan Lynch Liverpool, UK

My name is Dan Lynch and I'm from Liverpool in the UK. I have been writing songs and singing since I was a young kid and I play a number of different instruments. I also record and produce music for myself and others. Find out more at DanLynch.org

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